Driftless Style was born out of a dream to travel to the source of inspiration for so much of modern design: Morocco.



Our gorgeous Moroccan pillows, handmade from high quality, natural yarns, come from the small village of Tameslouht in southern Morocco. The weaving and embroidery are done by men and women who have been brought up in their trades from a young age, some coming from the Tameslouht Street Children’s Centre. For them, working at this cooperative is a real reintegration experience.


The weaving in these blankets represents the story of three generations of artisans in the Bendaoud family. Finding inspiration in the long history of their craft, these artisans have been adding in contemporary designs and new colors to bring a contemporary feeling to their products. The look and feel of these blankets nod to the ambience of their shop located in the souks of Marrakech.

Leather Poufs

Ali has been skillfully embroidering ottomans out of the finest leather since 1996. From a very young age, he learned his craft in the shop of his teacher, and now operates out of his own shop in Marrakech.


Across Morocco, from Marrakech to Essaouira, you will find amazing women and men skilled in the art of basketry. Our particular baskets are made by such artisans, which are then brought to the market by Ayad and Hicham, who have become trusted intermediaries. From everyday storage and organization to a market tote, we have your basket needs covered!

Lemon Wood Products

These kitchen utensils, made from lemon wood, make their way to you from the Medina of Marrakech. Lahcen, a master carpenter, has been making gorgeous wood products for over 28 years.


Every rug in Driftless Style’s collection has been hand selected and expresses the unique story and heritage of its creator.

Boujad woven rugs come from the Haouz region of Morocco. These Berber rugs are quite artistic, predominantly woven in reds, oranges, and pinks, and featuring highly complex geometric patterns. The designs and shapes that are woven into the rugs depend on the aesthetic of the weaver.

Located in the Middle Atlas mountains, Beni Ourain rugs have been made for generations. These gorgeous, thick, wool rugs are made by women in Khenifra and the surrounding villages, and are often used as a protection in the very cold mountain winters.

Another style we carry are Kilim rugs, which are flat woven, or pile-less, carpets. This type of technique often incorporates tribal symbols and are hand-woven using traditional styles of ancient nomadic people.

Thin Grey Rug

The thin and beautiful Akhnit rugs make the journey to you from the Taznakht village, located in southern Morocco near the Atlas mountain range. This village is well known for rug and carpet making. These rugs are woven with rayon threads using a weaving design and method traditional to Boujad style. The weavers of this region, who are primarily women, have been using the same technique for over thirty years while infusing their own styles into their textile designs.


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