Greeting card features an illustration of a unicorn with purple  "You Are Magical" text underneath. Tiny stars, moon, diamonds float around the unicorn. Coming out the top of the card is a sea salt and caramel dark chocolate bar that is cracked to reveal caramel inside. The interior of the card is shown in the top left of the photo. Features tiny stars, bursts, and diamonds in yellow, pink, and turquoise in the top and bottom left corners and around the text saying "Just Thought You Should Know".

"You Are Magical" Card + Chocolate Bar

This amazing combo features an adorable greeting card + chocolate bar. The sea salt + caramel dark chocolate bar is delicious and the card is sweet and perfect for that MAGICAL person in your life.
Card Front: "You Are Magical"
Card Interior: "Just Thought You Should Know"

Origin: USA
Dimensions: 3.5" l x 0.5" w x 7.8" h
Materials: Sea Salt + Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar, Paper + ink (Light + Medium Purple, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink)
Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variation in the appearance of each piece.