We carry some incredibly inspiring products made by artisans in Mexico. One of our most recent collections came from Oaxaca and was packed full of stunning textiles + textural ceramics. Our popular glassware line is also handmade in Mexico. Read on for more info on these different artisan groups.


Based in Oaxaca, an incredible cooperative of women weave the naturally dyed rugs that have us in love. Pastora is the lead artisan of a coop made up of 15 women, who are able to work from home. She has been weaving for 37 years! When a piece sells, the artisan who wove it gets 100% of the profits.

One of our favorite things about these rugs is the natural dyes used to get the incredible colors! Would you believe that the purples, oranges, and reds come from a scale insect? Browns from pecan shells. Black, greens, and pinks from different seeds + trees. Bright yellow from marigold flowers. We love it!

After the fibers have been naturally dyed + dried in the sun, the wool is woven into rugs by Pastora on a floor loom in her workshop, and by other artisans in their homes. 

The gorgeous rug designs we carry nod toward traditional Mexican motifs, with modern colors + twists. They work equally well on the floor (with a rug pad) or hanging on the wall!



In 2018, Jesse + Jonas started making handwoven palm fiber products to sell at the market. Then… COVID. They designed a Facebook page that TOOK OFF! They began hiring more artisans from the surrounding communities. Their women owned cooperative now employs 45 women and 5 men! Amazing. 

The process for making these beautiful baskets is intricate. After harvesting + drying the palm fronds, artisans weave them together in a style that's been passed down through generations, often incorporating traditional symbols in the weaving. We love the modern feel of the natural + black style we stock in the shop! 

The traditional technique in these baskets meets modern design + color to make a stunning way to organize almost anything in your life. We carry different sizes + styles that will surely help you corral school supplies, LEGOs, dog toys, throw blankets, knitting projects, … should we keep going?