We partner with some amazing groups throughout Peru + Guatemala. Gorgeous textiles primarily make up this beautiful collection of products.


The history of art + craft in Peru is deep and rich, with skills in many areas being passed down through generations. We source many stunning textile products from Peruvian artisan groups. Made from fine alpaca fiber, merino sheep wool and cotton, these textiles and the weaving + embroidery behind them will make a cozy + elegant (and sometimes whimsical) statement in any home. 

Many of our most whimsical + colorful designs are made by a Peruvian artisan group that has a particularly inspiring mission. Their founder’s goal has been to provide support for women who were victims of sexual and psychological abuse during the “era of terrorism” in Peru, in the 1980s. Their company is rapidly growing, with a workforce now numbering over 800 women from the regions of Ayacucho, Lima, and Cusco. Their embroidered products are made using high quality sheep wool and alpaca fleece, and naturally combine traditional Andean design and a modern aesthetic.


In the Andes mountains, artisan groups specialize in Peruvian textiles that are colorful and rich in their desire for cultural preservation. We source products from several family-owned and operated artisan groups that weave, embroider, knit, crochet, and sew gorgeous handmade textiles that speak to both tradition and modern trends. These groups are committed to providing work and opportunities for men and women in extremely impoverished rural communities in their region. Training in the techniques of weaving and embroidery develops these artisans’ skills and improves their quality of life, while also preserving the art and history of Peruvian culture for future generations and the rest of the world.



We source a few beautiful products from Guatemala. Weaving has a long history in much of Central America, and we carry some amazing + modern textiles from extremely talented Guatemalan artisan groups.